White-eyed Vireo at Las Cienegas, 1 June 2009


Keith Kamper and I checked out Empire Gulch, part of Las Cienegas National Conservation Area north of Sonoita this morning. Our intent was trying to obtain some documentation shots of the YELLOW-THROATED VIREO Keith found yesterday (May 31, 2009). We were unable to refind our target, however we were rewarded with a singing WHITE-EYED VIREO instead. A few pictures were obtained including this one capturing the obvious white eye and yellow lore region.

Park next to the "Cottonwood" parking lot about 1/4 mile past the headquarters building. Walk WEST (upstream) beyond the last of the water to a barbed-wire fence. Go approximately 300 meters beyond this fence and work the southern boundary (closest to the headquarters building). It was in a pretty dense hackberry thicket but moved around quite a bit while we were trying to get some decent photos.


Jake Mohlmann

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