AZ Migrant Traps - 3 June 2009


Gavin Bieber and I checked out some vagrant traps in Southern Graham and Northern Cochise Counties today. While checking out Hot Well Dunes National Recreation Area Gavin spotted an interesting wood-pewee that showed some characteristics of Eastern. The top picture is a definite Western Wood-pewee for comparison. The bottom picture is the bird in question. Your thoughts about the identity of this bird are welcome! (p.s. it did not vocalize once!)


Jake Mohlmann
Tucson, AZ

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Matt Sabatine said...

Very interesting find, guys. I think some characteristics would point to the bottom bird very possibly being a Eastern. The wing bars stand out the most, in my view. Also, the bottom bird appears much less uniformly gray-brown overall and shows much more contrast in overall color like an Eastern would. Obviously Jake and John have more experience with Westerns than I, but having seen a fair amount of them in addition to the countless Easterns I've seen I think you may very well have had a Eastern Wood Pewee. My birding skills pale in comparison to you guys, but it's just my opinion. Intriguing stuff, nonetheless.