Pacific Golden-Plover, Willcox Twin Lakes 26 June 2009


Mark Stevenson found this adult Golden-Plover at Lake Cochise (Twin Lakes) in Willcox. Any Golden-Plover discovered at this time of year should be scrutinized at great length. Pacific and American Golden-Plovers share many similar characteristics which can make differentiating them without unobstructed point-blank inspection difficult.

This individual is a better fit for Pacific Golden-Plover. Gavin Bieber sums it up very well:

"Although this bird is in a transitional plumage state making some field marks (such as the extent of white along the flanks) harder to judge, the structure of the bird became quite evident with some close study. The long legs (especially above the joint), tertials that terminate very close to the tail tip, thick based and lengthy bill and overall brightness to the spangling are all excellent fits for Pacific Golden-Plover. In addition, when the bird flushed, I clearly noted the feet projecting past the tail."

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Jake Mohlmann
Senior Guide

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