San Rafael Grasslands - Palm Warbler - 10/16/2009

Gavin Bieber and I took visiting guide Brian Finch around the San Rafael Valley this morning to look for Baird's Sparrows. We successfully obtained enough fleeting flight views to piece together an entire sparrow or 2, but the highlight of the day (for me anyway) was a PALM WARBLER I spotted in one of very few bushes available for perching at a cattle tank in the grasslands. The butterflies were in good numbers and I've included 2 pictures of the eye-catchers of the morning.

1) Tropical Buckeye - a buckeye of USA/Mexico border areas.
2) Palm Warbler - out of place in the San Rafael Grasslands foraging at a cattle tank.
3) Rainbow Grasshopper (Dactylotum bicolor). Found in desert grasslands in Arizona.
4) Arizona Giant Skipper - almost an Arizona specialty!


Jake Mohlmann
Senior Guide
Tucson, AZ

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