Bay-breasted Warbler in Tucson 11/22/2009

Another great find within the Tucson city limits, a Bay-breasted Warbler, was found by Richard Fray on the 21st along Woodland Road while he was looking for the Rusty Blackbird we found a couple of days ago. We assembled on the decidedly cool morning the following day along Woodland Road to look for this exceptional find (about 15 records for se Arizona). While searching for the rare warbler we observed an Arizona Woodpecker, previously reported, an interesting lowland record. With a bit of searching, we were able to obtain great views of the Bay-breasted,  and a few poor photos. I wonder what will show up next!

Bay-breasted Warbler showing "spectacles"

Obvious wingbars, side and flank color

Great Birding!
Keith Kamper
Senior Guide

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