Rose-throated Becard and American Redstart at Tumacacori 11/18/09

Jerry Bock and I birded the Santa Cruz River at Tumacacori this morning and were greeted by Mountain and Western Bluebirds along Santa Gertrudis Lane. Crissal Thrasher and Hermit Thrushes vocalized from the Pyracantha bushes as we made our way to the river. Several mixed species flocks were encountered on our walk north, with several interesting species including a lingering female Hepatic Tanager and a Painted Redstart. On our way back south, we were working through a nice mixed species flock when I noticed a female-type American Redstart, always a neat bird in southeast Arizona. While we were watching the redstart Jerry spotted a first-year male Rose-throated Becard-- possibly the same bird sighted in October and initially reported as a female. (First year males and adult females are very similar until the males begin to show pink in the throat.)

Rose-throated Becard

American Redstart

We checked the Santa Cruz at Carmen and noted Lawrence's Goldfinches and many of the usual suspects. At Tubac we found many more Lawrence's Goldfinches, but did not relocate the previously sighted Louisiana Waterthrush. Beautiful weather, great company and birds! It is hard to beat southeast Arizona in November!

Good Birding,
Keith Kamper
Senior Guide


Matt! and Sarah said...

Hey Keith--

Have you looked at our becard pictures at AZFO from earlier in the month? I'd be curious if you compared the two. The bird you found was definitely in the same area as the earlier bird.

-matt! BRooks

Adventure Birding Company said...

I know the bird was originally posted as a female, but first year males can be similar until they get some pink in the throat. I initially thought we found a second bird, but I called Gavin from Tumacacori and he said the bird he saw had pink. They sure look different though!