Golden-crowned Sparrow, Sweetwater Wetlands: 11/05/2009


Today at Sweetwater Wetlands I found a 1st-year Golden-crowned Sparrow in the river associating loosely with a flock of White-crowned Sparrows. I was able to call Andrew Core, grab my camera, and refind the bird to capture these shots. While snapping pictures I heard a rustling in the leaf litter and noticed a large (for this area anyway) 4.5 foot Western Diamondback Rattlesnake about 3 feet from my feet (also pictured below)! When I moved it stopped suddenly, but then went on its way in a few minutes hardly even remembering my presence.


Jake Mohlmann
Senior Guide
Tucson, AZ

1)4.5 foot western diamondback

2)Golden-crowned Sparrow portrait

3) Golden-crowned Sparrow - notice the golden fore-crown and streaky top to the head; also grayish bill.

4) Golden-crowned Sparrow - pretty plain expression on face.

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Dean Ween said...

Nice Pics, Jake.