Plain-capped Starthroat in Cave Creek Canyon, 7 July 2012

I was lucky enough to find this Plain-capped Starthroat in Sunny Flat Campground (Cave Creek Canyon, Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona) at about 7:00am on July 7.  While we had a hummingbird feeder nearby, it did not go to the feeder while we were watching.  It seemed much more interested in sitting perfectly still for 10 minutes, then chasing a female Broad-billed Hummingbird...  After that we lost sight of it and never managed to find it again.

Fortunately, our buddy Nick Wallisch and his girlfriend Rebecca were close at hand to lend me a camera for "digi-binning" this little gem!  The day was overcast and it was a struggle to get everything lined up, but this should suffice for documentation:

Note the very long bill, broad white malar, whitish post-ocular, white patch above the rump, and whitish feathers flaring out behind the wings from the flanks.  Brownish with green tones overall, and a little bit of the white diamond pattern to each of the tail tips can be seen.

Great way to start a morning of birding and hiking in southeast Arizona!

John Yerger
Adventure Birding Company

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