10/13/12 - Primm, NV Chestnut-sided Warbler

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On October 13th, 2012 I decided to check the trees around Buffalo Bill's in Primm, Nevada to see if any birds got grounded by the harsh weather from the previous night.  There were a bunch of migrants that had not been here the day before, the most notable of which was a CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER (pictured below).

The bird was in with a flock in the southwest corner of the Buffalo Bill's parking lot near the huge trees under the roller coaster.  This was about 100 meters NW of the stop light.  It was actively foraging in the low shrubs where it spent most of its time.  Other interesting birds in the flock included Townshend's Solitaire(2), Cassin's Vireo, Pine Siskin, Oregon Junco, and Red-breasted Nuthatch(3).


Jake Mohlmann

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Unknown said...

Went looking for this bird later that same day, with no success - but I did turn up a Red-breasted Sapsucker! Seems like this is a hotspot just waiting for more migrant/vagrant discoveries, if anyone needs motivation to stop and look around...

John Yerger
Adventure Birding Company