10/18/12 - Eastern Phoebe - near Blythe, CA

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On 10/18/12 Susan B. and I spotted an EASTERN PHOEBE at the "Oasis House" southwest of Blythe, CA (directions below).  The following picture is a documentation shot.

The day prior (10/17/12) I found a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at this same location.  I told Rich Aracil about the sparrow and he went to look for it that day.  He mentioned he couldn't find the sparrow, but was certain he had an Eastern Phoebe at the same spot.  I went to look for the bird the following day and there it was, on the power line right in front of the house!  Thanks for the heads up Rich!


Jake Mohlmann
currently outside Blythe, CA

The house is just west of the intersection of 22nd Ave. and Stephenson Blvd. easily accessed off of Neighbours Blvd. (78) southwest of Blythe.

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