12/19/12: A (Dead) Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the yard!

UPDATE:  12/21/12

It was brought to my attention that the Rose-breasted Grosbeak is in fact an ADULT bird, not an IMMATURE like I mentioned before.  No wonder it was such a beautiful specimen!   I collected the bird and plan on sending it to the University of Arizona to add to the collection.  At least it can be used for science...


UPDATE:  12/20/12 - 9:30

It is with great remorse that I inform all of you that the Rose-breasted Grosbeak that was frequenting my feeders yesterday was found dead in the front yard a few feet from its favorite seed block this morning.  There was some blood coming from its nose which may have been complications from hitting the window at one point yesterday.  After all that bird went through to get to my backyard it had to die so suddenly.  Such is life.

Pictured below all that remains.  Don't let the open eye fool you.  It's DEFINITELY deceased... R. I. P.

12/19/12 - 16:30

UPDATE:  bird seen again late afternoon.  Much better pictures obtained as seen below.  I will update tomorrow if the bird continues.

All -


One day shy of my 30th birthday a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK decided to spend the day in my yard in Tucson!

At 11:30 I was washing some dishes and noticed a large bird on the seed block in the front yard (the only bird I might add).  It was the adult male Rose-breasted Grosbeak pictured below!  The bird was last seen at 1:50, but could easily still be around if you want to stop by and see!

email for directions to the house if interested...

Happy Holidays,


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